Why Choose Vestal Solutions

Why choose us?

Vestal Solutions is a fantastic addition to any kitchen space. We are highly functional and stylish, other than offering reasonable rates for our services. This ensures that our products offer superb value for money.

Our kitchen appliances are made of premium quality material in a variety of contrasts and configurations. The kitchen systems can be made according to your custom designs too. You have every reason to be happy while installing the Vestal kitchen cabinets.

Excellent Kitchens

Our kitchen cabinets are of good quality substances and made with a lot of care and accuracy. The aesthetic kitchen solutions provide functionality as well as durability, and hence you may rest assured about ensuring a sophisticated kitchen made of excellent Australian cabinetry, bench tops and doors.


The kitchen cabinets are made of Highly Moisture Resistant or HMR components which keep the cabinets free of moisture even when they are placed in water. The backside of the kitchen cabinets is 16 mm thick using ABS edge that adds to the overall performance. The cabinet legs are adaptable and can be used even on rough surfaces. The kitchen shelves are completely adjustable and cater to your different storage requirements, enhancing your space like no other. The cabinets of your designer kitchen are made maintaining the design and safety criteria of the country. They are free of cancerous substances or chemical agents such as formaldehyde, unlike the imported kitchens.

Kitchen Hardware

The kitchen cabinets of Vestal Solutions offer lifetime warranty for different parts like the drawer runners and feature hinges. The runner system of the softly-closing drawers which previously belonged to expensive kitchens is now affordably available. This is why you need not settle for less anymore when you can have the masterpieces that are created keeping the needs of the consumers in mind.

Bench Tops and Doors

The kitchen renovation doors and bench tops are made of the best quality vinyl and melamine. These are ordered from the best manufacturers in Australia, Polytec & Laminex. Vestal handles the best quality benchtops and doors made of solid timber of varied species. You may even select from extraordinary selections of glass and aluminum doors.

Save with Kitchen Accessories

Do not spend huge bucks anymore on creating a state of the art kitchen. All you need to do is browse through our tips to save that pretty penny instead of compromising on your kitchen quality. We use the best and most recent manufacturing techniques so that the cost of production is maintained at a minimum. The high turnover rates offer a distinct advantage so that we can buy in bulk quantities from our suppliers. The process benefits our customers as well with cash savings for design and installation. Our sales team does not receive a huge commission which helps us transfer the cost advantage to customers.


Vestal Solutions is "The Kitchen Expert" in every sense of the term. We offer complete kitchen solutions unlike our competitors. Our kitchen cabinets are prepared individually so that it suits your space availability and complements your kitchen appliances. The best thing is that you can use the cabinets elsewhere in your home such as the laundry, office or bathroom. The cabinets are elegant and flexible and may be used as filing drawers or vanity units too.

We cater unparalleled color schemes too. In case you are unable to locate your chosen color with us, you may allow us to get it for you. The basic principle of our service lies in flexibility. If you want to choose another handle or bench top, you can obtain that separately with us supplying you the requested items. There are unlimited options, and our end objective lies in making you happy in your dream kitchen. Rest assured, your kitchen will feel and look just the way you want.

Options in Kitchen Installation

The kitchens that we procure are extremely simple for setting up and, with the elementary tools and practical know-how, it’s easy setting up a brand new kitchenette over the weekend. You need not be an ace in the task. With some practical knowledge, you may effortlessly set it up. The kitchen is measured down to the precise size, drilled, squared and packed for delivery. All you need to do for that is assemble the cabinets and fix them appropriately on the given slots. The parts are labeled clearly and accompanied with an illustrated kitchen plan and detailed instructions..

Our comprehensive and simple booklet of instructions walks you through the installation process in easy and simple steps. If you encounter any problem, all you need to do is give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Professional Installation of Kitchens

If you are not willing to handle the subtle chore of installation and fixing of the kitchen cabinets, hand it over to experts. We will suggest a professional installer in your vicinity. Vestal Solutions is a Melbourne Australia based dealer of designer kitchens and frame less showers. We provide a lot of money-saving offers for creating an ideal kitchen for you. Professionals are right here to deal with the installation of the kitchen parts. Whether you want to go for professional installation or choose to do otherwise is an issue that rests entirely on you.

Kitchen Experts

Once you have chosen to opt for a makeover, you deserve expert and professional services to ensure maximum output. We have over 50 years of experience in terms of kitchen manufacturing and design. Vestal Solutions has carved a specific niche for itself in the highly diversified and competitive kitchen industry of Australia. This is why we are regarded as a reputable company today. As a member of HIA, we are committed towards delivering perfection and quality each time.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee lies in the endorsement of high quality products with a clearly mentioned warranty. All the doors, bench tops and kitchen cabinets have an unsurpassed warranty of 30 years. The hardware components including drawers and hinges have a lifetime warranty.